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Sometimes we need a little Magic

Astral Agent 002 : Giraffa Enigmata

Codename : ‘Galexia’

When I heard “Savannah”, I admit, I had visions of my ancestral, terrestrial home.

This isn’t exactly what I was expecting.

But, I have to say, I do like it here.

It has a magical quality of it’s own….. I guess we’ll fit right in.

Well, not quite.

Still, I hope we get to stay for a while.

The old, gnarled trees here are even taller than acacias.

I had a nibble of the mossy stuff draping from them. Nope. Not for me…too dry, tastes more like hay.

I did sip some water from a splashing fountain though… having to do my usual limbo to ground level.

It’s still nice and warm but I wish we didn’t always have to arrive at twilight, I’m not exactly nocturnal. It isn’t called The Magic Hour for nothing though, so I guess Command know’s what they’re doing.

They said our mission this time was somewhat urgent.

We haven’t been told the exact nature of the situation, just that the humans would "not be out and about as usual", and any of their younglings’ nighttime sightings of us would be of

“extra special significance" since they “need a little more enchantment now than ever”.

We’ve materialized in different locations, to help with reconnaissance, but in all the haste I’ve misplaced the co-ordinates of my unit’s rally point.

Oh, wait….I can hear Leonidas now. About half a mile away, I’d say.

Thank goodness, but, I swear, he gets more brazen with each assignment. I hope the humans think that was one of their Harleys or something, otherwise one of these days he’s really going to let the cat out of the bag. At least I know which direction to head towards.

We’ve been told our maneuvers might be more difficult than usual, the humans have their guard up. Whatever the situation is, I know that my fellow-agents and I are up for the challenge… our realm, there’s no mission impossible.

giraffe walking down the street in Savannah

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Apr 27, 2020

You have such a purity of vision. It's so easy to be overcomplicated- you could never be accused of that. Elegant simplicity of vision - won by hard work and devotion.


Carmela Spinelli
Carmela Spinelli
Apr 23, 2020

Claire, this is gorgeous, I love a little magic, actually I love a lot of magic and it is there in your work!!

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