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Strike a Pose

Wedding Photography Tips for Vogue-Worthy Pics

What's not to love about candid, informal shots on your wedding day?

They're authentic, spontaneous...capturing raw emotion and genuine moments.

Yet deep down, I think for many brides there's a secret longing for at least a couple of stunning images that exude the essence of a fashion editorial.

While unplanned shots capture the day as it really unfolds, there's something undeniably alluring about images of the bride in her beautiful dress which might take a few more minutes to compose.

These are the shots that elevate the bridal experience from ordinary to extraordinary, making her feel that she too belongs on the cover of a magazine.

Want some of your bridal portraits to exude the same fashion-forward sophistication?

Some tips to help you strike the perfect pose:

Choose the Right Photographer: Look for a photographer who specializes in blending documentary-style photography with editorial flair. Review their portfolio to ensure they have experience creating the kind of images you envision for your wedding day.

Channel Your Inner Supermodel: Embrace the confidence and poise of a runway model as you step in front of the camera. Practice in the mirror a few times.

Experiment with different angles and poses...whether it's a classic hand-on-hip or a dramatic over-the-shoulder look, find the ones that feel natural and authentic to you. This will help convey your personality and style.

Stand tall, elongate your neck, and exude elegance with every movement.

Don't worry in the slightest about looking silly!

Showcase Your Dress: Your gown is the star of the show, so make sure it takes center stage in these photos. Play with the train, twirl in the skirt, or strike a pose that shows the intricate details and craftsmanship of your dress.

Master the Art of Movement: Incorporate subtle movements into your poses to add depth and dynamism to your images. Experiment with walking, dancing, or gently tossing your veil for a touch of whimsy and romance.

Pay Attention to Facial Expressions: Your face is the window to your soul, so make sure your expressions reflect the emotions you want to convey in your bridal portraits. Whether it's joy, serenity, or sheer radiance, let your inner beauty shine through with every smile and gaze.

Maybe try to perfect the Smize! ( smiling with your eyes! ).

Trust your Photographer: Last but not least, trust in the expertise of your photographer.

The best photographers have the skill and vision to direct you so that you look incredible, even if you feel you have no idea what you're doing! Be adventurous! Work with them!

So relax, enjoy the moment, and let them work their magic behind the'll be glad you did!

And it's not just for the brides.......


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