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Champagne and Polo....the Perfect Pairing

The thunder of hooves, a tinkle of glasses.

Polo and Champagne....the very words might conjure up images of a rarefied lifestyle.

Even though it began in Persia in the 6th Century BC as a training game for the cavalry, the "Sport of Kings" developed into a game played exclusively by nobility.

And up until the 18th Century, champagne was reserved for royalty also...even the gentry couldn't afford it.

These days, le vin du diable is much more accessible to everyday people.

Polo....maybe not so much!

But Veuve Clicquot levels the playing field and makes both available, and fun, to enjoy at their annual Polo Classic tournaments.

For the Los Angeles date, event designers Brown Hot Events pull out all the stops to create a day of wonder for the guests, celebrity and otherwise, at Will Rogers State Park.

Speaking of celebrities, I'm not a paparazza but often find myself having to shoot events where lots of famous people are guests, but I'm often out of the loop when it comes to who's who. So, unless they're A-listers, like Julia Roberts, or oft-seen faces such as the Ralph Lauren Polo model, I just wing it!

It has it's plus's impossible to feel intimidated by somebody you don't know and my rule of thumb is......if they're beautiful and well-dressed in the VIP tent, get a photo of them, even if they're not famous right now, their PR has somehow managed to get them invited so they might be famous next year! Ha!

If you plan to go , and knowing what to wear is an designer Rachel Zoe tossed in the ball this maybe look to her for some pointers...or cast a gaze at some of the crowd members...some very chic attendees!

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