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What's The Story?

When people discover what I do for a living, their next question, without fail, is What kind of Photography?

The answer can get a little convoluted as I explain my Weddings and Events around the world, my Lifestyle, Product and Editorial Photography and my Fine Art Photography.

No matter the photography genre....I am a master Visual Storyteller.

If you need a particular narrative about your brand or event...involving people, places, products...and want your audience to FEEL a certain set of emotions when they look at the images... then I'm your gal!

Every nuanced detail is considered....location, lighting, props, wardrobe, hair, makeup....glance of an eye, tilt of a head...tiny changes can tell different tales.

I invite you to take a look at my Lifestyle Photography video....where hopefully you can imagine yourself in another world, another story with every shot. Enjoy the journey!

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