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How Photography can help to create Brand Identity

Photography and advertising have a long history together.

The first uses of photography in print adverts can be traced back to the late 1800's, but it was expensive, so illustration was still mainly used for visuals until the 1920's. At that point, marketers realized that consumers believed photographic images, much more than illustrative ones, to be telling the truth about a product, due to the realistic nature of the medium. Advertising's Holy Grail.

Thus, the photographic image emerged as the most persuasive sales tool....and it has stood the test of time.

At first, advertising photography took a direct approach, with mostly straightforward product shots.

Yet, after studying consumer psychology, marketers realized that suggestive advertising was much more successful. Advertising photography became more stylized, projecting ideals and aspirations by depicting glamour, beauty and elegance.

We’re living in very uncertain times, worried about what the future might look like.

Most of us are struggling with self-isolation, shutdowns and social distancing.

It has definitely been a cause for sleepless nights.

But if you have a business, it doesn’t mean that you should let this crisis isolate you from your customers or clients….your community.

But you might need to deliver a different message, it might not be business-as-usual.

You might need to redefine or refresh your brand for this “new-normal”, or , with more people shopping online, take this time to create a better online presence and give your business a stronger social media reach for when circumstances becomes more normal.

What your business offers might help to comfort your customers, help them to relax or contribute to their wellness. Your particular product or service could remind them of better times, give them something to dream about or let their loved ones know that they are cared for.

You probably need help telling the story of your adaptable brand, showing your customers how, at this time and in the near future, it can benefit them, especially emotionally. You need to create content that gives your customers reasons to emotionally invest with you now and in the future.

Photography has always been very important for helping to create a brand's identity.

Photographers, as visual storytellers, are expert at succinctly conveying emotional messages through images which businesses can use to showcase their brand across different social media platforms.

The best Advertising and Brand Photography is not about pushing a product, but promoting a lifestyle that directly appeals to the client.

What might your story be?

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