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A Tough Act To Follow

When one of you is a Broadway star and the other is a film director, choosing where to have your wedding can be a tricky thing. There might need to be an air of the theatrical about the location, a place that 'sets the stage', if you will.

New York-dwellers Michael James Scott and Jeremy Merrifield chose the tiny-yet-super-hip, one-horse town of Los Alamos in California for their weekend celebrations.

Los Alamos is a modern-day pioneer town!

Some brave souls took the risk of opening up their businesses in what might almost seem the middle of nowhere, but they struck gold.

Los Angelenos don't mind making the trek at weekends, and the result is 7 cool blocks of wonderful restaurants and wine bars that would give the City of Angels a run for it's money.

The town is surrounded by wineries and a couple of renovated 50's motels make for memorable stays for wedding guests ( free sticks of Palo Santo and smores by the firepit at The Alamo.....yes, please! )

The wonderful 1880 Union Hotel ( with a saloon next door! ) looks like a dusty stagecoach should pull up any minute. It housed both the grooms and most of their family members, while the ceremony and reception took place in their large, enclosed outside area.

'They Met At Theater Camp' ( True! With Jeremy saying it was "The gayest thing we've ever heard") was the hashtag for Michael and Jeremy's Wedding.

It was a who's who of Broadway, the officiant being the lead producer of The Book of Mormon, and dear friends sang during the ceremony and reception....Ashley Brown sang Time After Time, Marisha Wallace sang This Is Me, just to name a few of the amazing performances....such a treat to hear.

Befitting a theater star, Michael had 3 outfit changes on the wedding day, and the couple's French Bulldog even had her own sequined dress. Sequins even adorned some of the reception tablecloths and the pup featured heavily on the invitation and the backdrop for the band.

With the surprise Reception appearance of celebrated drag queen Willam, a rehearsal dinner at Bell's, a welcome party at The Skyview, and Sunday Bruch at Bob's Well Bread....the designers and planners, BrownHot Events along with Aly Cokeley need to take a bow because Michael and Jeremy's wedding really was one tough act to follow.

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