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Small Weddings and Elopements in Savannah

couple kissing under spanish moss in savannah wedding

What do Justine Beiber, Jessica Alba and Tom Brady have in common?

Answer....when it came to getting married, they all eloped.

It used to be that people chose to elope to avoid all the stress and drama of a "big day", to save money and perhaps even spend that money getting wed in some far-flung destination, where they could relax and just be themselves.

Now, the stresses to avoid are those of guests falling ill, people being too fearful to travel, and losing money already paid to vendors.

Many couples are understandably devastated due to their dream weddings having taken a nightmarish turn, with plans cancelled or, at best, postponed. They're often unsure of how best to proceed.

Perhaps an elopement on their original date is the answer.... with the possibility of a big celebration in a few months time, as Bieber and Brady chose to do. Or a smaller, more intimate wedding with close family only,

and a live-streamed ceremony, shared with all of the originally-intended guests.

One thing is for certain...anything goes right now, whatever helps the couple to feel safe and brings them a modicum of happiness.

To me, small weddings are beautiful....and elopements are a joy.

They're much more relaxed, any guests feel more included and at ease, and a timeline is not such a worry, with the bonus that calm, happy couples make lovely photo subjects.

I spent my college years as a film-maker, and I've always loved creating carefully-curated montage pieces for my wedding clients. My couples love re-living their day, and having the ability to share it, in an emotional format, with people anywhere in the world.

I thought it might be helpful to include a couple of these right now, with a hopeful thought or two for worried couples...... remember, small can be beautiful and, ultimately, All You Need Is Love.

Katie & Garrett : a small, intimate wedding in Savannah, GA, by savannah wedding photographer Claire Barrett. Design and planning by Ginger Fawcett

Gelcys & Paul : an elopement in GA by savannah wedding photographer Claire Barrett

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