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Alone.....or Lonely?

Apparently, I'm an ambivert.

I love people; I'm completeley at ease in practically all social situations, and the word "wallflower" probably wouldn't enter anyone's head when asked to describe me.

Yet, I need a lot of time to myself.

And 68% of us, it would seem, feel the same way.

The maintenance of balance seems to be what characterizes the ambivert personality.

Extrovert in social situations, introvert when alone....they are adaptable and comfortable in a variety of scenarios.

It's well-documented that, under normal circumstances, we thrive better when we have adequate time to ourselves.

Normally, being alone boosts creativity, because our minds are clear of external chatter and more free to wander and explore possibilities. Productivity is increased, because of less distractions; and independence is encouraged, building confidence in our own decision-making.

A normal amount of alone-time usually reduces our anxiety.

But our present circumstances are far from normal.

Instead of choosing solitude for the benefit of welcomed introspection, it can be very difficult to quieten a mind racing due to financial insecurity and chronic uncertainty.

Many people feel as though they have been forced into isolation when, of course, they'd rather not be.

A situation we've often thought of as.... loneliness.

As social beings, we have more chance of surviving in life if we can rely in some way on other people.

We're supposed to feel loneliness as so unpleasant in the hope that it spurs us to do something about socialise. Right now, however, that solution could possibly be even more detrimental to our health.

One thing that might save us from feeling lonely just now is that we're all enduring the same circumstances: there's much less chance of feeling "not being included" in the social situation. So, even though we're physically isolated, we might not feel emotionally so.

It's been proven that even just looking at images of nature helps to calm us down in stressful times.

Most people have a preference for such images to be without people in them....a little lonely, if you will.

Mine is for there to be a suggestion of humanity in there somewhere....somebody built it, or abandoned it, or startled it, or will drive along it any minute now.

Maybe reassurance for myself that other people are never really too far away....or the ambivert, trying to remain flexible in an ever-changing environment.

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